Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Calling All Cats!

Need Help to Adopt a Little Blurpy Thing

(Please read the post for contact info - thanks!)

You all know we're adopted, right? Well, our Mommakitty (also an adoptee) and Daddykitty are also trying to adopt a little blurby thing (baby for those who don't yet speak Catonese). They need everyone's help to get the word out - and you know us cats . . . we get the word out!

S: Why would we want one of those? I hear they're sticky . . . and stinky!

K: Well, first of all, Mommakitty and Daddykitty are great beans (human beings) - look how well they've taken care of us! Secondly, it would take the focus off of us! They're hoping to adopt in the U.S. - they'd even adopt twins!

S: Ooooh . . . and while they're distrated with a little blurpy thing, we could get away with all kinds of stuff! How do we get the word out?

K: Our beans have a website where other beans can see their Adoption Profile - it's at www.susieandpaul.com. It has all the info on the site so birthmoms or other beans can get connected to us.

S: How else can we get the word out?

K: Well, they have this thing called a Birthmother Letter - that we can mail to anyone - either directly to a birthmom, or to any bean who can pass the info along to other beans like: doctors, teachers, counselors, ministers, coaches, teenagers, . . . anyone who can spread the word or who may have contact with a potentential birthmother.

S: OK - you heard him - get the word out! Contact our Mommakitty if you can help! Hey where did you learn Catonese?

K: At the Cat Blogosphere site - check it out!

P.S. You can also see another version of their adoption profile at

If you were to open up a baby's head -
and I'm not suggesting for a moment that you should -
you would find nothing but an enormous drool gland.
Dave Barry


Beau said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! You have a very cute blog. I hope your humans get a blurpy thing!

Beau said...

Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. Yes, I'll add them to the prayer list. I also forgot to tell you that if want me to send you general emails about conecerns, news, etc. about things going on in the cat blogosphere, please send me your email. (It's also good for someone to have it in case your comments quit working and you don't realize it, like what happened to DaisyMae, so SOMEONE has a way of letting you know.)

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

What great people you have! Good luck in their quest.....blurpy things are ok until they get mobile and then they pull tails & try to ride you.

Derby said...

You're tagged, come by my blog and see what you need to do.

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Nice to meet you two! We are sendin' purrs that your people will find a blurpy thing to adopt soon!