Friday, August 25, 2006

Cats Love Napping!

S: Kimo - I can't believe how much you nap! I mean . . . I like it too . . . but I can't sleep as long as you.

K: Cats and napping are synonymous! Did you know new-born kitties sleep about 90% of their time? And adult cats sleep about 60% of their lives - an average of 16 hours a day!

S: I've seen your paws and whiskers twitch when you sleep - and sometimes your tail swishes - you even make noises!

K: That's 'cause I'm dreaming.

S: Oooooh - I was dreaming about that little humming bird today! Hey . . . where's Mommakitty?

K: Takin' a nap! Let's join her!

Where's your favorite place to nap?
Leave us a comment and let us know!

"Napping is a legitimate hobby".


Leif&Bonita said...


I like to crawl underneath the chair where no one can see me and take a nap. Leif

I like to jump on top of the dresser, smack everything off to make room, and nap. Bonita

Lone Star Purrs said...

We take turns snuggling up to Momma while she naps. If she's not in the bed...I like to curl up in it~ Kiara.

I like the laundry pile~ Meeko

Nice to meet y'all!
~Meeko & Kiara

The Meezers said...

my favorite place to nap is on mommys face. or on the pillow i tip ofurr onto mommys face - Sammy

Rascal said...

Let's see. I like to nap in my kitty bed. In Mom and Dad's closet. On the dining room chairs. Under the coffee table. On the bathroom floor (where it's coolest on a hot day.) On the human college kid's bed. Under Mom's night stand. On the floor by Dad's dresser. In the bedroom window. In front of the slider doors. In front of the TV. In the out box on the computer desk. I guess that about covers it. All these nap spots are given equal consideration and I rotate them regularly.

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

For Smudge, it's on my legs as i lay on the couch.

Magoo likes to sleep on a stinky shirt.

Bella has a little cat hammock.

Dolce has several spots, but her favourite is her cat bed.

Derby said...

I nap any where I want. Sort of depends on the day and the time. But cute that you nap with your mum.

Zeus said...

I love napping on the back of the loveseat. It's my absolute number one place. However, sometimes, in the early morning, I can be found sleeping in between the vertical blinds of the sliding glass door found in our dining room. There's just something magical about sleeping and sunbathing at the same time.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

I like to sleep under one of the beds or under the big wardrobe - I feel safe under somefing big. The other next good plase is in any sunbeam...yummy!


I like to sleep curled up with mom either rite by her fase or against her legs or on her shoulder.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Mom wishes we'd sleep close to her like that but we pretty much keep to the end of the bed. Napping is moms favorite hobby!

brandi said...

I nap in the bedroom window, on the bed, on the computer chair(only in the winter) in the tubbie (mostly in the summer) on mama's footstool, and on the couch (when she's not home--she needs a job!). And on mama in the winter whereever she happens to be.

Frostin said...

Bob and Monika got new shelves and while they were putting DVD's and stuff on the upper shelves I curled up on the lower shelve between the doors and too a knap. They decided that I looked so cute there that they would leave it empty so I could have my own space.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

We like to plop aniwhare too. But our favurate place is with our lady when she sleeps. I (rosie) take the rite side while my brothur (cheeto) takes the left. Sooooo warm and cozie. Yoo two luk vary happy with eachothur and yer peeple!

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Boo is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #64 at
Please send her your photos and story if you wish.

Cecilia said...

Oh, that looks nice. Suddenly I feel very sleeeeeepy.
Think I'll take a nap now.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Awwww. I lurve snugglin up to Mom, mostly unner cover where I can catch her hand an make it rub my chin furever. Bonnie used to sleep on the bed, but she won't since I camed to live here. Yur so cute!

I also love sleepin unner Mom's sewin table an Bonnie sleeps nearby. There's a chair tween us, so it's "safe".