Monday, December 11, 2006

Meezer Monday

Mommakitty says I have the most beautiful eyes!

K: Daddykitty says I have fabulous whiskers!

I hate Meezer Monday!
Maybe I should invent
Shorthair Sunday!

Lighting this candle for Libby Marie and her family.
Libby peacefully passed away early this morning, under her christmas tree.
Please visit her bloggie and share your prayers and purrs.
There will be another prayer vigil tonight
12/11/06 - 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST)
at the Pet Prayer & Praise Blog.


Karen Jo said...

Oh, Sabi, you have Tuxie Tuesday, so don't be jealous. You have both beautiful eyes and fabulous whiskers, Kimo.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful eyes and beautiful whiskers! Lovely. :) I let my mom use my blog for a Meezer Monday entry, although I'm not a Meezer myself.

Shorthair Sunday could be fun!

The Meezers said...

my mommy says you does haf beautiful eyes and furry lugshurius whiskers. - Sammy

Cheysuli said...

Another lovely Meezer

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I agree, us meezers have fabulous eyes and whiskers. You're a beautiful meezer!!


Anonymous said...

Hee hee. Happy Meezer Monday anyway!

Feline Oligarchy said...

You not only have beautiful eyes and whiskers, your Mommakitty and Daddykitty are good photographers! Sabi are you jealous or just having a hard time with the sharing thing? -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

VERY beautiful eyes! an plus we like the fang picture!

Derby said...

I like the Shorthair Sunday and/or Saturday!

Emma's Kat said...

Love the eyes Kimo!! What an awesome close up! And love the chin up photo too! Poor Sabi...

Thanks for posting about the prayer vigil! We had a great turnout!

Anonymous said...

Jojo and Butterscotch from Michigan's west coast have begged to be introduced on this "cat's meow" of a website. So without further ado, two limericks I leave with you.

We have a round cat named Jojo
Who's mentally thin and slow-slow,
He eats many meals
With gusto and zeal
And he purrs like a motorized yo-yo.

I'm a butterscotch tabby named Buddy,
I sleep on the books in the study,
I'm a hunter who's tough,
I am handsome and buff,
And I turn every heart into putty.