Friday, January 05, 2007

Friendly Friday

K: Introducing . . . NEW CAT BLOGGIE Friends! Give a warm welcome to some new bloggers at Follow the trials and tribulations of fifteen formerly feral cats training their four humans to start a new e-commerce business. Their business will donate a portion of its proceeds to help ferals and strays.

Here's a photo of them at a board meeting.
They look furry busy!

S: They gots a wonderful staff of cats too:

Rocky - CEO (Cat Executive Officer)
Fracas - Executive VP / Company Morale Builder
Ivan - Information Technology Director
Bitsy - Director of Corporate Espionage
Callie - Administrative Assistant
Oscar - Housekeeping / Maintenance

Here's a photo of them after a board meeting.

Welcome ArtsyCatsy Friends!


Anonymous said...

Wow that board meeting looks like fun. I might try it at home on my bed. Faz
p.s. thanks for reassuring me 'bout cows being cute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about all of those cats. We enjoyed visiting them.

China Cat & Willow

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Kimo & Sabi for introducing our venture on your blog. We plan to take lots of work breaks with you two cool cats!

The ArtsyCatsy cat staff

Anonymous said...

What a great group of cats! I tried to post a comment but word verification wasn't showing up :(. I'll try again later.


Anonymous said...

Man... that's the kind of board meeting that I'd like to attend.

Anonymous said...

I checked it out! It looks like a fun group!

Anonymous said...

they've got some great stuff there - thank you!

Eric and Flynn said...

We been to see ArtsyCatsy an it looks purrty good. We like the ideer of those bord meetings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know I'm going to there blog now.

Cheysuli said...

Thank you Kimo and Sabi. We just went and visited them. We learned about them through our squidoo site. They do have a lovely blog.