Monday, February 26, 2007

Meezer Monday - Identity Issues
(no longer a crisis)

Kimo: Well, I appreciate efurryone's help during my Meezer identity crisis last week. I fink I have discovered that Meezers come in all shapes and sizes - some wif ear tufts, and some wifout. And the kitties at the House of the Mostly Black Cats announced to the werld that I am an official Meezer! See . . .

Kimo: I am Meezer - hear me roar!

Mommakitty: I'm so glad that is over!

Kimo: Well, not yet. I'm still having a dilemma about my relations to Jeter Harris. He still finks we still might be related to each other somehow. Hmmm . . .

Mommakitty: And what have you found out?

Kimo: Well, Jeter submitted a photo of his paw pads . . . and look . . . they is two-toned (see the dark big pad and the pink toe pads). I have ALL dark brown (almost black) paw pads!

Jeter's Paw Pads

Kimo's Paw Pads

Mommakitty: Well, that really doesn't prove anything. My last Meezer, Misha, had all pink pads.

Kimo: Momma . . . you are not helping . . . stop confusing me! OK then, here is more proof - Jeter has green eyes and a pink nose, and I have blue eyes and a black nose!

Jeter's Face

Kimo's Face

Mommakitty: Hmmmm . . . I see what you mean. Besides the ear tufts, there are not many similarities between you and Jeter.

Kimo: That's what I've been trying to tell you! And he lives WAY over in New York . . . and I live WAY over here in California! Do you fink his relations would travel that far to continue relations?! I do not fink so.

Mommakitty: Well, . . . actually . . . I have heard of cats traveling many miles to get somewhere - but only a couple of states.

Kimo: Hellooooo! That is what I am tryin' to say - Jeter's relations live on the opposite side of the entire USA!

Well, as The Crew said last week, "We're all related...being descended from the wild cats of Africa, so you and JH are related way back."

Kimo: So, Jeter and I are Africats? Arrrgggghhhh - my head is going to explode! Maybe Jeter can try to figure this all out. I need a nap!

Sabi & I have been TAGGED by meme's! We will be posting our responses tomorrow for "Taggin' Tuesday."


Tara said...

I like the idea that we are all Africats! Kinda cool. I think Latte said the seal points will always have dark brown/black paw pads, so you are a Meezer!
(although part frootbat too...hehe)

Dragonheart said...

Yep, Kimo, you are definitely a Meezer! Tara is correct - Latte was teaching us about Meezer paw pads a while back, and my mom said he was right. Seal points have very dark brown or black paw pads. Chocolate points have lighter coloured ones.

You are a Meezer Kimo!

Just Sharlene said...

Love the close-up pictures, especially the lovely cat eyes.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Yuppers, I'm glad you are no longer in meezer identity crisis! You certainly look 100% meezer to me.


sammawow-china cat-willow said...

We've always thought that you definitely were a Meezer. Your paw and eye comparisons were very interesting too. So Happy Meezer Monday to you Kimo!

China Cat & Willow

Pelu & Carlota said...

Hey! you lool beautiful in the pictures kimo!
Visit our blog, we have a gift for you and sabi!

The Meezers said...

africats??? way cool!!!! ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR i'm a fierce africat!!! oh, and Faro of the Foo-ton - Miles

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We're so glad you've figgered out dat yoor a meezer. Yoor also a cat so dat wood make yoo a member of da cat family. Oh my, we sher hafs a big family!

Cheysuli said...

I'm glad to know that you have solved your Meezer dilemna. Not that I was ever in doubt. You look like a Meezer, therefore you are one... Congratulations!

Daisy said...

That is a great ROAR you made!

Anonymous said...

Africats! Too cute. :)

Purrs from C.J., Dora, Marilyn and Mao!

yao-lin said...

I don't understand. How can we siamese be descended from the same Africats as other moggies? I won't have it. I don't believe it and I won't believe until my slaves provide definitive proof, which is unlikely as they are too busy cooking for me.

I hail from the royal palaces of Siam, as do each of my siamese friends. So there.


jeterharris said...

ok ... ok ... u prooved yer point. yer a meezer an i'm a tabby.
but it'z good dat in sum way we're related ... becuz i reelee luv u man.
case clozed.

Karen Jo said...

I am really glad that you have come through your Meezer crisis, Kimo. I always thought you looked all Meezer.