Saturday, February 03, 2007

~ Superbowl Spirit Week ~
We gots a Superbowl theme
EFURRY day 'til Sunday!

Saturday Set Up

K: There are so many things I should be doing setting up for the Superbowl tomorrow, but I'm so distracted . . . so much on my mind. Tara agreed to be my Valentine! I've got so much to do to prepare my devotional Valentine to enter in Skeezix's contest! So, Sabi is gonna help you get prepared for the big game tomorrow. Sorry to step out, but I gotta get busy!

S: Whatever! There are so many cutie patootie gurly kitties out there, but we gots responsibilities to keep you all in the Superbowl Spirit! So here's some things you should know fur the big game - some of the things the officials do to let you know what's going on . . .

S: This motion is called "First Down" - I don't know why anyone would voluntarily be the first one down . . . I usually wait for Mommakitty to say "DOWN" about 10 times before I respond. But, I guess these football dudes gets paid a squillion dollars to do what the football beans tells them.

S: This motion is called "Illegal Fair Catch" - now that's an oximoron for ya! I suppose the opposite is Legal Unfair Catch? Who makes up these stoopid rules? I mean really . . . if you catch it, you catch it! Everybody in this country has to make a legal case out of everything!

S: This motion is called "Illegal Batting" or "Illegal Kicking." Make up yer minds . . . is it batting or kicking!? Obviously I don't see any bats on the field - this is FOOTBALL not baseball! (Are these Referee guys even required to have a college degree?)

S: This motion is called "Touchdown" or "Field Goal" and it's the one that will make yur beans jump up and down and holler and spill their beer and hug members of the same sex. Then they call their family and friends and brag. This is actually the most important motion to recognize because your beans will ultimately get off the couch or recliner and you should make yer move to reclaim your spot!

S: Well, there are a squillion more motions to learn, but this will get ya through yer first big game. Have fun tomorrow - no matter what you do. I know for a fact that Mommakitty will be knitting during the game. Kimo and I will be bonding with Daddykitty (that is, if Kimo can tear himself away from his Martha Stewart Gurly Man Valentine card craft session).

My idea of a super bowl,
is a toilet that cleans itself.


Daisy said...

Hahahahahah! Great demonstration Sabi! I am taking lots of notes and making drawings for later reference.

jeterharris said...

i am laffin an laffin!
dis haz been a verree informativ week on yer blog. thank u k + s. i hav enjoyed it.
i'm gazin above at da byootiful daisy.
wutta cat!

Hot(M)BC said...

Sooper demminstrashun, Sabi! You shuld be a reepurrter (n Kimo too when he's done wif he craftsies hehehe) Now I won't feel so stupid at the Zooperbowl party. Fanks lots!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Sabi, I like to watch football. Did you say that you haven't decided on a Balentine yet?....Missy

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

That was most excellent information. We didn't know all those moves but will hopefully remember them tomorrow!

China Cat & Willow

The Meezers said...

Sabi!!! That is wonderful!! You is a furry good refuree!

Luna said...

Wow! Great demonstration !
Do you want to play with me?

(=' :')

Derby said...

Sabi you are doing an excellent job of showing the signals of the game. Some of the bean rules are silly. Illegal Fair Catch is a good one. Mum says don't worry about the rules, just enjoy the game and commercials.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Wow, what a grrreat finale to your Football Week.

This ought to be a book, it is so cute.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Way to go, Kimo. Tara's a beaut!!

Oh Sabi...I think we are going to watch the game now that we know the rulz. Thank yoo. Last yeer we only watched the commurshuls so we culd check owt that streeking was kinda riskee

Tara said...

Oh Kimo, that was so sweet! Its made me distracted all day! I had to go climb trees (tricky in a harness)!

Sabi, I learned alot here, and will try to pay attention to the game tomorrow.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Ah hah, dats wut da guyz in da stripes is sayin whin dey are making funny moshuns wif der arms and stuff. Concatulations, we just found out YOU ARE WINNERS! Yup, yoo gessed dat yuki and kimiko's mommy gots a bizniss card holder and yoo wun. Da pikin of da names wuz da bestest part, yoo gotta go see.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Sabi, after great consideration, I will be your Valentine...Missy

Diamond said...

Hello Kimo and Sabi, I am not too interested in this form of sport, but I am impressed by your knowledge.
Cats are much cleverer than some people think.

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

They should pay YOU squillions of dollars to be the referee!! You are very good at it!

Victor Tabbycat said...

I love your demonstration, Sabi. This is a furry complicated game! My beans aren't into futball (don't tell! they could get thrown outa Whiskonsin fur that!) an only watch the Superbowl fur the ads. WEIRD! I fink we gotta watch fur that touch goal/field down fing cuz that's when bean yell an jump round an scare us puddins.

Hey Kimo, any suggestions on makin a grate balentine? I's stumped.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very nice photos.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Yayyy! Now we can watch the game and know what dey are doing. Fanks much! Dat was a furry good demonstrayshun you gave. Me am practissing da moves so me don't forget dem.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

oh my goodness - this is excellent!