Friday, March 02, 2007

Friendly Friday

K: We wants to introduce you to our new friend, Chairman Mao! We met him through his momma's bloggie during Thursday Thirteen and we tagged him to learn more about him. If you go to his momma's bloggie, Tennessee Text Wrestling, you can learn more about him!

Chairman Mao

S: He lives wif his kitty brother and sisters (and a pet spider) in Tennessee. He gotted his name 'cause he says "Mao Mao" a lot . . . and he likes being da chairman!

K: He likes to nap and play and make friends. So, go gets to know him! Here are some direct linkies:
*This is our favorite post 'cause
it's a story about his lost nuts!

S: Welcome Chairman Mao!

Sir, you are very welcome to our house.
It must appear in other ways than words;
Therefore I scant this breathing courtesy.
William Shakespeare
(from The Merchant of Venice)


Dragonheart said...

Thanks for introducing us to a new cat. :) Chairman Mao looks like a terrific kitty. :)

DEBRA said...

Oh what a booteefull kitty Mao is!


Oreo said...

OH. MY. GOSH! Him looks juss like mine son's new brofur! Check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, Thomma Lyn, Chairman Mao's mommy here -- thank you so much, Kimo and Sabi! You two are sweeties.

Oh, here comes MaoMao -- he's been playing with a toilet paper core in the kitchen....

Move over, Momma! Hiya, Kimo and Sabi. This is Mao! You guys are such nice fellas. Thank you for introducing me to the nice and bee-yootiful kitties in the bloggie sphere. Everybodies is so nice. Looking forward to chatting with youkitties! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow -- it's Chairman Mao back again. Just went to Scooby's bloggie and wow, me and him could be twinsies with our Meezer colors and white-whiskie pads! He sure looks like a nice fella.

Purrs and MAOs!

Daisy said...

Chairman Mao is very handsome. That was a funny story about how he left something at the vet's office....

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi K and S, I want to thank yoo. After visiting Chairman Mao (and what a nice kitty he is) I now reelize what happened to me at the vets office. Dang, I know it felt liter back there.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Mao sez: I asked Momma what happened, and she told me the vet lady had stored my nuts.

And I was like huh, I'm a cat, not a squirrel! And I don't even get 'em back.


Tara said...


Mu Shue is playing a cat hug. Hug four cats, and have them hug four more. I got hugged by Daisy, so I'm hugging you (and I really needed hugs today).

Pass it on!


Chairman Mao said...

Hi! Chairman Mao here! I can post as me now, and I put my first post up at Momma's kitty bloggie, here:

The Ballicus Blog

Thank you so much for introducing me! This blogging stuff is so much fun. You guys are such nice kittyfriends!