Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Stroller Shopping

K: We is beginning to get serious about picking out a stroller. We wants one that will hold both of us.

S: But there is too many to choose from! There are obviously some pros and cons. What to you guys think?

#1: Folding Pet Stroller
50 lb Capacity, approx. $58.00
23"L x 16"W x 20"H
Pros: More mesh viewing area, wider, holds more weight
Cons: No rear view, no cup holder or below storage

#2: Happy Trails Pet Stroller
30 lb Capacity, approx. $88.00
24"L x 12"W x 21"H
Pros: Rear views, cup holder, below storage
Cons: Smaller view areas, less width, more expensive

Which stroller do you like?
#1 - Folding Pet Stroller
#2 - Happy Trails Pet Stroller
Other - please comment on suggestion free poll
Mommakitty: I don't know yet how Kimo & Sabi are going to like this stolling stuff (Sabi still gets a little freaky on a harness outside), so we want to start on the conservative side. If they totally love it, then we may invest in something else. These two were less costly. Let us know your ideas. Thanks!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

i likes tha top one, maybe boff of u's could get it in at tha same time?

but i likes tha wide open feeling.

Mommie an Daddie can carry effurryfing else, that's what they's there fur!

purrrsss, KC

Dragonheart said...

My mom is getting a stroller for her birthday to take me out in, and she's getting one of the heavy-duty All Terrain models, so she can take me out running on the various trails in Munich. So I'd recommend an All Terrain model. If you are just going to walk on sidewalks, though, then the second one you've shown will probably be good.

Mao McSchnickles said...

I don't know ware the wite rat is, otherwize he cood tell yoo becuz he's Mr Stroler Expert, but one of the most popyuler is this one: And it's rekumendid that yoo try to buy it on ebay --- enuf cats deetest stroling that brand noo stroler git sold for cheep. The thing is, the cheeper models have cheep weels that are noizy and make it hard to push. The wite rat's is a Jeep Rubicon, wich is top of the line, and it seets 2 vary cumfterbly.

Daisy said...

I am so excited that you might be getting a stroller soon! They are FUN and you can have many great adventures. I have mixed feelings about yer plan. On the one hand, if you buy a less expensive stroller, it won't be so costly if you decide you don't like strollering. But on the other hand, if you really like it, the less expensive models don't hold up too well in the long run. We started off with an inexpensive copy of the Pet Geat AT3, and as Mao said, the wheels were wobbly and we knew it would not stand up to regular 3 mile walks for long. So we ended up returning that one.
I also like Mao's idea of looking for a good bargain on ebay.

Diamond said...

Fancy having a stroller. I never heard of such a thing. No cat here has one. We must be in a deprived nation. If I go out I have to walk or run by myself, with my human guard. I wear a smart red halter and people look at me and say what a pretty cat.

o'jeter harris said...

strollerz ...?
az u may or mayn't know ... i am a owtdoor cat an i don't hav a need fer a stroller (altho i find dem verree intrestin.)
i would lissen to mcskeez or daisy or dragonheart (hoo seemz to be doin sum reserch on da subject hizself.)
luv--yer brudder frum a diffrent mudder--o'jete

Ann M said...

If Sabi gets nervous, maybe he would feel comfortable in the back of the first one, where he might feel a little sheltered because of the closed back.

The Meezers said...

Mommy says that the bottom choice wif a little less viewing area might be better for Sabi if he is a little scairt.

Tara said...

I can't imagine liking a stroller, I love to get out and explore in my harness. So I'm going to be real interested in hearing if you two like it.

The Meezer Gang said...

Daisy suggested the Pet Geat AT3 to us as well. Our Mom is looking at a stroller, too!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I think the top one is great because the 2 of them can get more views, but annm & the meezers make a good point in case Sabi gets scared. I can't go out in a stroller so mommy has never looked at one for me, but I'll bet you'll get lotsa good ideas from other blogging kitties.

Chairman Mao said...

Hi there, Kimo and Sabi! I liked the top one, too, I guess 'cause I thought about what if my momma got a stroller for us Ballicai and then wanted to take me and Dorydoo for a stroll. Dorydoo's kinda crabby with me so the more room we have in there, the better.

But I know you and Sabi are supergood buddies, so thinking about it that way, I'd go for the one with the view!

Purrs 'n' cuddles!

Evil White Cat said...

wow - i haf never seen these - me an' salem just go out an' play - if we had one of them all the other cats around here would think we had gone nuts, lol. Looks cool though, i guess it would be nice an' relaxin'. how you gonna climb trees in it tho'?

Gemini said...

Oh imagine having a stroller. I do like the ebay idea. That way you get the best of both worlds, hopefully!

I'm not sure why you'd need extra cargo space. After all, you are the important one and you are riding in the stroller, right?

DaisyMae Maus said...

I like the one that Daisy the Curly Cat has ... It's got good wheels and looks comfy.

Kimo and Sabi ... When you get yours, would you PLEASE plead with our mom to buy us one? She keeps saying that we'll howl and get upset if she puts us in one, but I still wanna have one even if we only get to ride in the house.

Tiger Lily said...

The second one looks sturdier even though it can't hold as much weight. It also looks easier to push which means you'll probably be taken out in it more often.

Kitikata-san said...

The bigger the better, and the one with the 360 view looks good.

Boy said...

Wow! A stwowwer!
Mummy can't seem to find any such things over here!
I wish I had a stwowwer!
Mummy twied to get me out on a harness once but...well, why should i want to walk? So mummy had to cawwy me all the way (and I'm not vewy wightweight...)
Wish I had a stwowwer! Then I won't have to walk.
I think definitewy the one with more viewing area!
Then you won't miss anything!

Pet Lover said...

My wife and I run a Web site dedicated to pet strollers. We've actually sold over 1,000 of the Happy Trails pet strollers and we've gotten a lot of positive comments from customers. It is very well made! We've seen the other one you showed ("Folding Pet Stroller") at pet shows and were very unimpressed with the quality of construction.

If you're looking for an even bigger pet stroller to give your kitties more room, check out the AT3, which is very rugged and sturdy.

If you have any questions we can answer, feel free to call or e-mail us. We're just a small, family business, but we've sold over 6,000 pet strollers and can answer any questions you may have. You'll find our contact info at:

Junior said...

I like the space in #1, but the storage and cup holdier on #2 sure are nice. Is your bean Dad good at constructing things? Maybe he could create storage and a cup holder for #1.