Friday, June 29, 2007

Freakin' Friday
(Otherwise known as Terrifying Thursday)

Sabi: Guess what?! Last night we ESCAPED to da out of doors! Tell 'em about it Kimo.

Kimo: I am not talking about it.

Sabi: Whatever. Here is the events as they actually occurred;
- Daddykitty tolded Mommakitty he was goin' out to take some photos.
- Mommakitty said "OK" - and Daddykitty left.
- About 10 minutes later, Mommakitty went to the front of da house to git something from the living room - and DA FRONT DOOR WAS WIDE OPEN! Daddykitty did not close da door!
- Mommakitty immediately looked fer us but realized we was gone! SHE FREAKED OUT!
- She went outside and called and called fer us but she didn't hear anything (cuz we was scared too, and we didn't recognize her voice at first).
- We was chest deep in da ivy and headed toward da prickly blackberry bushes when we heard her calling and coming towards us.
- Then I said, "Here I am Momma, here I am!" But when she came to git me I didn't recognize her at first - it looked like her, and sounded like her, but I couldn't smell her yet cuz there was so many other smells in da air . . . so I gots scared and started to back away.
- Mommakitty was swift and grabbed me by da scruff of da neck and ran into da house wif me (and closed da door) - then she went back to rescue Kimo.

Kimo: I did not need rescuing!

Sabi: Hey - I'M tellin' da story and I saw da who thing from da window. Anyhoo . . .
- When Momma when back fer Kimo he puffed all up like a big floofy monster and hissed at her and swiped at her.
- Momma crouched down and hadded to talk to Kimo fer a long time - but he just kept hissing and swiping and puffin' up.
- Then Momma put her hand out fer Kimo to smell - when he got a good wif of her, then he de-puffed and walked around her to check her out. She was furry still.
- Then Kimo wasn't scared anymore and he rubbed up against Mommakitty, and she brought him into da house (and closed da door - tight).

Kimo: I WAS NOT SCARED! I finally gotted some freedom in da great out of doors and you gots to go and cry like a baby and make her thinks we is stuck, and then she finks we is not big boys and can't hold our own outside!

Sabi: We was furry lucky did not encounter any vishus deer cuz we did not have our vishus deer repellant wif us - we could have been eaten alive! Anyhoo . . . Kimo whined at da front door fer a couple of hours - pawin' at da door and sniffin' da door jam, and whining really loud.

Kimo: I was born to be out of doors - I can feel it in my bones!

Sabi: After that, Mommakitty put a stool at da front door so we could sees outside (even though we can sit at da window and see outside, there was now something magical about da door!)

Kimo: We hadded a discussion wif Mommakitty before bed and she decided that we needed to practice strollin' sooner than later (as Jeter would say, "DUHR!"). So tomorrow we is gittin' to open our stroller and start practicing!

Sabi: (I'm still not sure I want to go out of doors again - even in da stroller).

P.S. - here is what da note on da door says (It should go wifout saying that Daddykitty gotted in big trouble when he got home - Duhr!).

P.S.S. - because of these terrifying exciting events, we did not git a chance to attend da prayer circle and vigil. But we is sendin' out our global prayers and purrs!


Chairman Mao said...

Oh wowie, Kimo and Sabi, you fellers had a furry skeery and adventuresome but still furry skeery day! I'm so glad your Mommakitty got you back in quickly!

And I like the sign you put on the door. Years ago when Brainball got outside by mistake and Momma freaked out (like your Mommakitty, she got Brainball back in quickly, thank gooodness), she left a sign on the door for a furry, furry, furry long time. So my Momma's heart was racin' for your Mommakitty as she read your postie.

And I'm glad you didn't enkountur any vishus deer! *whew*!

Great big kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao, and I can't wait to hear about yur advenchures in yur stroller!

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

that must have been a furry exciting adventure for you both.
Kashim once escpaed through the door when momma brought in some things from shopping but she didn't notice that he was gone.
He then was stuck in the staircase and would noone use the elavater cause he was there and hissed at everyone who came close.
Then a man wif a biiiig d-o-g came to our door and askded momma: "Id this your kitty in front of the elevator? he won't let me go inside!"
Momma nearly got a heart attack and quickly came down to rescue Kashim.
She was very scarded and then always lookded twice if wes kitties were inside befor she closes the door.

we are looking forward to seeing you in your stroller!

caricature said...

Wow that sure seems to an exciting adventure...glad that you avoided the vishus deers...your Mom did well to bring you back in time.. :)

Daisy said...

That does sound very very terrifying! I sure am glad you both got back safely. I think going in your stroller might satisfy your need to go outdoors, but you will still be SAFE.

After I get home from strollering, I go right to the front door and whine for about 30 minutes to go out again. Just so you know.

小芥 michico said...

OOOOOOahhhhhh Dear,

Glad you guys are ok!!!
Oah my God....Oah my.....
Please stay in house, outdoor without momma looking after is too dangerous.

I saw this article my heart with beating harder...
Glad you are Okay at last.


DEBRA said...

Kimo and Sabi~

Wow, good thing Mommakitty found out da door was opened so fast. I am glad you both had a little adventure with no harm done to either of you. *whew* I bet it won't happen again. One time Momma went out the front door and because she went out I went with her, well she YELLED at me. Momma Never never ever yells. SHE freaked out and she freaked me out. She yelled my name ABBY so loud I collasped onto the groud. She picked me up and gave me all kinds of kisses and apologized for scaring me, but she said that it was not safe for me to be outside and boy after that experience I NEVER want to go out again. Heck, I was just following her. Geesh. But, it was OK, I forgave her.


Beau Beau & Angie said...

Yoo musta smelled somefin out in dem bushes dat made yoo all scared and maked yoo puff up like dat. Fings look furry different from outside don't dey? Efun when Angie wented owt on da deck and looked at me in da window she puffed up and hissed at me too! It's a strange werld owt dare. Hurry up and try out yur stroller so you can haf ofur owtside safe adventures. Poor Daddy kitty he must feel awful for leaving da door open.

Tara said...

What an adventure! I love the outdoors too, it must be a meezer thing! Good for you Kimo for being so brave! But I'm glad you are both OK, it can be a little scary out there when you aren't with Mom.


Marilynn said...

Ooooo, exciting adventures! Audace and Ruse would like to get outside, too, but I'm too scared for them. Maybe I ought to invest in some kind of carriage for them -- or something!

I'll bet you had fun, even if it was completely strange out there!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...!!! I was terrified for you through the whole story! The LL keeps taking me out on the back deck to "get me used to it" but I still scream up a storm. I'm so happy you came back in.


Anonymous said...

"Wow" you two had some adventure.I'm sure your mom was worried am I'm glad your safe :)

The Meezers said...

wow wow wow - we hopes that you will like the outside from the stroller Sabi

Ali & Fiona said...

Oh how exciting we were on the edge of our seat through the whole story. Ali made momma fall into the bushes when she was trying to catch him.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Oh my, what a scary ordeal. I am glad that you two did not get hurt while you were outside. To think that my Sabi might have been hurted, oh my...Missy

The Crew said...

Gosh guys, that might be the most exciting thing I've ever read! It reminds me of the time Max and I strolled out the back door which was accidently left open. Mom came around the corner of the house, spotted us and started hollering and waving her arms. We turned around and ran right back into the house! We never even made it as far as the grass. (sigh)


Lux said...

Oh Kimo & Sabi, I'm so glad all ended well - my mom would have been shrieking when she noticed the open door!

She says now that you've gotten out once, you're probably going to be trying extra-hard for awhile - at least that's been her experience with me! Hmpf!

I'm really glad the vishus deer were busy somewhere else when you two juicy innocent kitties got outside.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Whut do yoo do win the vishus deer come to the door and look in thru that window to see if thare are any tender yung joosy kitties inside to eet?

We've had problims beefore win Mr Tasty Face's bruthers come to vizit and leeve the doors wide open. Unforchewnitly, thare not as smart as yer daddykitty cuz they can't reed the big sine that sez "Pleeze keep doors shut - don't let cats owt". The Food Lady puts it up evry time they come over, but they still leeve the door wide open.

Forchewnitly, sinse I'm aware of the vishus deer meniss, I have no deezire to go owtside unless I'm safe in my stroler and have a bunch of Mao & Rocky's VDR with me!

Ann M & the Kitties said...

Oh my, poor Mommakitty must have been so scared. Our Mom sure gets freaked out when Lemieux escapes. You are all so lucky that Mommakitty rescued you so quickly.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

wow, wow, wow, dat was some advenchur yoo guys hadded! What is it wif men dat dey can't shut doors or at least check to make sher a kitty hasn't run out? Yoo wood think, haffing lived wif kitties fur a long time, dat dey wood know better. Dad let's Zippy sneak out at least once a week, mom duzzent panik any more cuz Zippy just duz da rounds of da naybors howses den comes back. But she sits on da back steps until she comes home! Sadie will stroll out da door, stand on da sidewalk and den panik cuz she hears "a noyze" and will try to run back in even if da door is closed. I was outside once, at my old howse, and got chased by a big mean cat and den a bad woofie came and tried to get me! I hided in da garbaj can until someone finally let me back in.~Speedy

The Furry Kids said...

That is a very askeery adventure. I bet your Mommakitty was soooo askeered. I'm glad she got you guys back in the house pretty quick. Who got in more trouble - you or Daddykitty? I'm guessing it was probably Daddykitty, right? That's what happens at our house.

We have one of those signs on our door, too, and sometimes Daddy forgets and doesn't shut the door all the way. Momma likes the idea of the stool by the door so we can look out.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

thank goodness you are both ok! we couldn't stand to lose our friends. your mommykitty must've been terrified. I would not want to be your daddy kitty right now...
we're glad for all of you that both of you are home safe.

The Feline Sextet said...

Our Meowmy is totally purr-anoid about doors and winnows when dey's open, Her Majesty gotted out a few times when she was a younger kitty, but she never went far, she got skeered too, but when she was 5 she gots out and was MISSING for a long time, Meowmy was devastated! She came home tho,but now Meowmy is furry ofur-purrtective and doesn't even want us near doors, da Buddy isn't so careful tho and once Mister H snucked out and then got scared and ran too! He was gone fur three whole days before he camed home!!! Outdoors is furry furry skeery! We's glad you two didn't go far or get hurted!

Caesar and Princess said...

whew, we are so glad that you two got rescued by your mommie. wowie, that must have been horrible. I hope your daddie got skolded from your mommie

we have signs on our doors, all of them. The big girls have boyfriends and girl friends that come over snad they leave doors open! O_O

We are relieved that this had a happy ending

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

Oh my goodness, that was one terrifying adventure! We are both so glad Mommakitty saved you both. China Cat tried experiencing outside when the TV Satellite Guy didn't shut our door but the Food Lady noticed right away and brought China Cat back in the house - at that point we were both locked in her office till that Guy left the house!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

LHK said...

Oh. My. Goodness!~
You shouldn't scare the mombean like that. I bet the dadbean got quite an earful when he got back. I think the stroller will be good for all of you; kitties get to smell the outside and mombean won't worry.

Peach Man said...

we are glad you guys are ok. I'm always tryin' to escape, y'know. The other nite Scout escaped and it was very scary because there is a skinny hungry Wile E. Coyote roaming our streets lookin for sumthing joocy like Scout to eat up. I hope you don't have no Wile E. Coyotes in your nayborhood. Keep your eye on Daddykitty and maybe soon you'll gain your freedom again!

Jimmy Joe said...

Wow, that could be made into an action movie! You need to explore the outside under supervision for a while before you can feel comfortable, especially when there might be vishus deer around. Sounds like you've got some awesome meewer ninja moves, Kimo.
Your buddy, JJ

Derby said...

You guys had a nice adventure, I get lots of open window and door time, but not time outside.

Hope daddykitty didn't get in too much trouble.

jcfloresinc said...

We are sure that it was scary outside for you. Outside is totally different. Much more dangerous. My Mom worries about us every time we go outside. She always prays for our safety. So glad your Mom got you back inside before either of you got hurt or lost. We missed you at the Prayer Vigil.
Samantha & Tigger

Jeter and Mickey said...

wutta grate advenchur! i'm prowd uv u an wish i wuz dere to play wid u in da ivy ... an neer da pricklee blackberry bush!
luv--yer bfadm--jh

Sparky Duck said...

Boyz, enjoy the great outdoors safely. You should worry about skunks more then deer. Im surprised Daddy Kitty is not dead

muffinmidi said...

The outdoors can be really scary when you're not used to it.I'm glad Mommakitty got you both back safely inside.