Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sucky Saturday

Kimo: Well, . . . Mommakitty came home last night. We was furry excited to see her . . . and she was furry excited to see us - fer about 10 minutes, then she went to bed!

Sabi: But we gots to snuggle in da big bed wif her all night.

Kimo: But then this morning she's runnin' around all crazy again at 7:00 am gettin' ready to leave fer ANOTHER meeting! Pffft!

Sabi: She gots to go to something called parliamentary training in San Francisco - ALL DAY!

Kimo: This is outright neglect! We is gonna have a fambly meeting when she gits home - maybe do an intervention! She gots to git her priorities straight!

Sabi: This was supposed to be a happy, fun day of snuggling' and reuniting and skootches and kisses . . . this Saturday sucks!

Kimo: Da poop is really gonna pile up now - figuratively AND literally!


小芥 michico said...

Dear Kimo and Sabi, I can see your feeling on the photo, so obvious.
Don't be so depressed. Mommakitty still miss you two while she is working.
You are so attentive kids you will understand.
Give you guys big hugs~
*Adan & michico*

Dragonheart said...

Guys, I'm sorry that your mom is gone again, but at least you have your dad there, right? I'm outraged that my humans are leaving me with the catsitter AGAIN next week. Hrrmmph.

Parker said...

Not good, not good at all!

Jeter and Mickey said...

i can feel yer pain brudderz. mi mom haz been moovin frum one office to anudder an haz been finishin up da skool yeer ... an she hazzen't had much time fer me ... or fer helpin me wid mi blog. an ... shee'z gointa florida in abowtta fyoo dayz to see mi gram ... wut am i gointa do miself?
luv--yer bfadm--jh

Caesar and Princess said...

parliamentary? that sounds boring. Why would she want to do that instead of be home with you guys?

just whack the poops out of your box, you can do that yourselves!

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Oh no!! We had to have major intervention when mommy and daddy got home after their trip last weekend. They sure got a talking-to!

Altho we said that the catsitter was ok, can we see her again? ;)


Kimo, it's time to bring that meezer catitude to the fore. I recommend doing as I do...find dirty socks in the laundry and drag it all over the house!!


Kitikata-san said...

that is a very serious look you have on your face Kimo. What are you going to do? When she comes home again, I think you should guard the doors.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

How dare she leave my sweet Sabi again. I think that I am just going to have to put the bitey on her when she gets back. Let me know when she gets home and I will teleport right over..Missy.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

That is just horribul. I gess yoor dad duzzent clean litter bokses eether. Mite we sugjest blocking da doors and barring da windows when she gets back. Do not let her leeve until yoo get all da skritches, rubbies, snuggles and clean litter dat yoo guyz want.

Tara said...

I agree, this is not right! I know how you feel with your Momma Kitty being too busy, as you can tell, we haven't even posted much lately, and she flys out on Monday and will be gone all week!

Lux said...

Aww, I'm sorry your plans for the day went awry ... but maybe tonight?

DaisyMae Maus said...

She musta been furry tired after flyin' ...

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

oh I am very sorry that you are having a sucky saturday!
purrs an' headbutts,

Monica said...

Oh, you two do look terribly mad in that picture. I hope you get everything all straightened out soon. Do you need us to picket for you? I remember that you offered to picket for us when Tracy went on strike.

Chairman Mao said...

Awwww, I'm sorry you miss your mommakitty! Parlementtary stuff doesn't sound as much fun as snugglin' and playin', fur sure. It's frustratin' when our beanz get so busy.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

lordjaders said...

You guys can come play with me. I'll gladly sharrre my wooferrrs and the sticky little people. Just watch out forrr ourrr neighborrrs--theirrr little sticky girrrl is a grrrabaholic and a holdemtightum.


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Parliamentary procedure? Robert's Rules? That sounds right up our Mom's alley. She works for a legislative body so she has to know about such stuff. Sometimes she has to "enhance" the minutes so that they fit with proper procedure. We think such stuff is dull, but it pays for the Fancy Feast and treats. It's late. I, Bathsheba, move that we go to bed. I, Jake, second the motion. All in favor, say Aye. AYE All opposed? Silence. The motion carries and we all go to bed.