Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #30

Kimo: We gotted tagged by our buddy Beezer to do da Frigemonster Meme. 

The rules are: Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL! And no fair cleaning it up first!!!

Sabi: We decided to make it part of our TT post (even though there's more than 13 things).

Thirteen Things On Our Frigmonster
(Plus 8 More Things)

Click to biggify to see things better

6 Advertisement Magnets
Petaluma Police Dept
Petaluma Valley Hospital (bandaid shape)
Mr. Handyman (van shape)
Family Safety Products
Adoption Agency

2 Cat Bloggers Magnets

3 Magnets Wif Sayings
“Anything not nailed down is a cat toy.”
“What people really need is a good listening to.”
“No Slackers.”

2 Magnets from Cities
Great Lakes, Great Fun – Michigan
Sausalito, CA

2 Huge Cooking Measurement Magnets

6 Misc Things
Watercolor sketch of Misha (former meezer)
Bendable Kitty
Kitty clips
Kiera’s list of food she likes or dislikes
Lizzard from Santa Fe, NM
Clip wif coupons (baby food, pizza, cereal)

This is da little sketch of Misha kitty

Kimo: Below is some stuff in da frigmonster - butter and batteries. Huh?

Sabi: It's da "Energizer Butter!"

Kimo: We is gonna tag our friend . . . DaisyMae Maus! It's also her bloggoversary today, so drop by to say "Hi!"


Anonymous said...

We agree - anything not nailed down is a cat toy... So is anything that is nailed down.

michico*Adan said...

Can't follow.... you put the batteries in the cold box? How come ?

Anyway, you have very very neat cold box!

Ana said...

Wow, these are interesting things on and in your cold box. Why are the batteries inside? Is it to hot outside so they would melt there?

Poppy Q said...

What does your butter need batteries for? Does it mix itself into something tasty?

Ramses said...

Gosh I hope the batteries and butter don't get mixed up! After all my 'sis likes licking butter, but don't think she'd like licking batteries! ;)

jenianddean said...

That is a fun meme. I recognized Oreo's magnet right away without having to biggify it or anything.

Tybalt said...

What a great fridge monster! Energizer butteries . . . ha ha ha!

Beezer said...

We keeps the batteries in the cold box too! (battries keep their charge longer if ya keeps 'em cold until you need to use them)

Mine mombean sez "Mmmmmm butter! Now I want some toast..."

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What?! I actually have to know what's on there? Junk from the male is on our fridge. Who knows what it all is...

Daisy said...

Why do batteries go in the refrigerator? Do they last longer that way? Because our batteries always go deaded very quickly.

Lux said...

I like your black Cold Box! You have lots of neat things on it.

Mo said...

Energizer Butter made me LOL.
My grandfather always kept his batteries in the butter spot in the beer fridge on his screened-in porch!

bernieg1 said...

Great list, my 33rd TT is up at 13 Muslim Greeting Cards - I noted the paucity of Islamic Greeting Cards at my local stationery store and so as a public service to Muslims in America, I offer the following 13 Shariah-Compliant Greeting Cards...

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Energizer keeps batteries in our vejabul drawer in da frijimator. Beans are furry weerd.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Thanks for taggin' me, guys! I'm gonna get Mom to take photos of our cold boxes an' the one that she has at school (it's a little one).


The Devil Dog said...

Why do you have batteries in the fridge?


jh an Mickey Mantle said...

brudderz ...
u needa jeter harris harharhar magnet to go on yer kold box ...
i'll get to werk on dat.
pleez vizit mi blog today.
thank u.
luv--yer bfadm--jh

Kitty Cat Cast said...

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Please throw up a prayer or two for us as well.

Simba and Persia’s Human