Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our First Topic - Animal Adoptions!

K: First of all, welcome to our new blog site! We've got lots to share . . .

S: We hope you enjoy all the stuff we have to share, and . . . hey, did you see that? Check out those quail . . .

K: As much as I like birdwatching, let's keep on track. Today's topic, animal adoptions.

S: Do people adopt quail?

K: I don't think so, but they do adopt cute kitties - like us! And there's a lot to learn before you adopt a kitty.

S: Yea, like . . . will you have time to hang out with us. I mean, I frequently like to do my own thing, but I LOVE to have someone to play with.

K: Well, some people like cats because they don't need a lot of attention. But, in your case, you really like the attention. And we like to hang out with each other. I don't think I'd like being an only cat.

S: Me neither. I like when we play tag, and hide-n-seek, and when you wash behind my ears.

K: So, people need to understand cats have different personalities, just like people.

S: They also need to know if they're alergic to us, or that we can scratch things (including people). But we are trainable, even though we still do whatever we want at most times!

K: People need to know if they have enough room for us to play, and whether or not we'll be indoors or outdoors - or both.

S: What's outdoors? Hey, is that where the quail are . . . 'cause that's where I want to be!

K: We are indoor cats because Mommakitty thought that would be the safest for us. Since we live close to the country, there are lot of other animals out there that could hurt us, like racoons, dogs, and cars.

S: Well I don't like those cars anyways - they're the noisest animals ever. I hear they eat a lot too. We also don't have a fence to keep out all those scarry animals. But I do like watching the birds . . . and did you see that cute tabby yesterday, those eyes, and . . .

K: Since we're indoor cats, people also have to get used to cleaning out our litter box - daily.

S: You know Kimo, I'm sure you're going somewhere with all this, but I see a spider over there with my name written all over it - so I'm outta here!

K: Well, I guess this might be a good exit. We'll talk more about cat boxes, and litter, and other stuff some other time. Just remember, adopting a cat, or any pet, takes some careful consideration. You should check out your local animal shelter to ask about specific breeds and their personalities - and if you can, take some time to hang out with your potential new family member.

For more information about pet adoptions, visit
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