Thursday, July 13, 2006

Speaking of Cat Toys . . .

S: Kimo . . . check this out . . . more cat toys! These things show up every once in a while, and I found one in the garbage can in the bathroom the other day - yee ha!

K: That's a cardboard tube from the inside of the toilet paper roll - you should know that since you frequently unroll the toilet paper!

S: No, no - I've scaled back on that . . . not because I wanted to, but because Mommakitty put some contraption on the outside of the roll to keep me from unrolling it - but I always knew there was something good on the inside! These things are great - lightweight, easy to flip, chewable, non-toxic . . . it's organic dude!

K: And recyleable. I like 'em too - I like the rolls from the paper towels even better!

S: Paper towels - we have cardboard rolls in the paper towels? Let me see . . .

K: Um, no . . . I was just kidding, yeah - just kidding. I wouldn't know about that anyways since we're not allowed on the kitchen counter.

S: By the way - to all of you who enjoy unrolling the toilet paper - beware! If you see this come in the mail, your unrolling days are over! It's called the "Toilet Roll Saver" (made by Safety First).

K: I hear they developed it to keep toddlers from playing around - takes all the fun out of the bathroom!

S: Next thing ya know . . . they'll be putting something on the toilet seat lid to keep us from playing in it too!

K: There's something for that too! Those darn toddlers!

"Enjoyment is not a goal,
it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activities."
Paul Goodman

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