Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cat Shadows in the August Sun

K: Hey Sabi - check us out!

S: Wow - cat shadows. Look at mine . . . I look like a stealth leopard . . . Grrrrrrrrrrr! This is better than those hand shadows people do!

Well, we don't have hands now do we!

S: Ooooh . . . and I love the warm sun. Hey, nice tan Kimo.

K: That's my natural color silly. Hey, did you ever notice you have spots like a cow?

S: Is that a real cow? Hey, wait a minute . . . did you just call me a cow?

K: Exit . . . stage left!

Who was the first guy that looked at a cow and said,
'I think I'll drink whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them?'
Calvin & Hobbes


The Meezers said...

Hi! We readed about you at Max's blog (Psychokitty). Come and visit us!

brandi said...

Hi! We readed about you at Max's blog, too. Come and visit us, too! I am a really nice kitty, and so are all the others (Max's potty mouth is okay, too, if you were worrying).

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi Kimo & Sabi! Max sent us, too. Hey, Sabi, bein a cowcat is cool! Bonnie calls me stoopid cowcat, but I don't mind. I like yur blog! My beans moved from El Lay, Catifornia to Whiskonsin about a squillion years ago. Or 14. I'm not sure.