Friday, July 28, 2006

News Flash . . . CATNAPPING!!!

K: Did you hear the news?

S: About that cute little kitten that was stolen? . . . here's the story:


On Tuesday, July 18, Marmalade (an adorable 10 wk old orange tabby) was stolen from the shelter kitty-condo unit. This has never happened in the 7 years that the animal shelter has been under the management of the City of Petaluma.

Marmalade is polydactil, which means he has extra front toes. He and his brother were housed in one of the shelter's condo units because the kitten room was filled.

The Petaluma Animal Shelter reported; "Some unscrupulous individual unwilling to pay the $80 adoption fee must have placed him in a large purse or bag and walked right by the crowded counter. We worry about Marmalade because anyone who would steal an animal from a shelter should not own a pet and will probably be unwilling to pay what is necessary to keep him healthy, happy and safe. Even sadder, Marmalade had already been adopted and was just waiting to be picked up. The three-year-old son [of the adoptive family] is devastated. Our condos are now padlocked." Petaluma Argus Courier, 7/26/06

K: If you have any information about this abduction, please contact the Petaluma Animal Shelter at 707-778-4396.

It's a pleasant thing to be young, and have ten toes.
Robert Louis Stevenson


Miz said...

What a scummy human! Our Punkin has extra toes!

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh that is BIG POO! Meanies to steal the kitty!