Monday, July 24, 2006

Cats Keeping It Cool!

K: Wow - it was hot today - 104 degrees!

S: I know what you mean . . . I usually have a lot more energy, but this heat is sucking the life out of me! This girl has the right idea!

K: This heat can literally kill a cat! We have to be very careful in heat like this - to keep cool and hydrated. Did you know cats can suffer heat stroke just like humans?

S: I know - and desperate times mean desperate measures! I usually hang out on the kitchen floor tile where it's cooler - some kitties like to hang out in bathtubs (sometimes even with a little water).

K: It's even harder for cats that spend most of their time outside. Sometimes outdoor cats have to find water from fountains or ponds, but in this weather some of those things are dried up! There should always be water left out in big bowls and checked frequently. Sometimes it's nice to have a little ice put in the bowls too!

S: And keep those fountains clean . . . there's nothing worse that having to watch a cat have to slurp some green sludge! Hey who's this . . . speaking of HOT! Here, kitty, kitty . . .

K: Why do you even bother?! You know you'll never be able to go out there - especially with that pink nose of yours!

S: What do 'ya mean?

K: Cats with pink noses and pads are very susceptible to skin cancer. With global warming, the suns's rays are very dangerous these days. And basically, being indoor cats, we're just not as acclimated to the outdoors as well as those cats that spend most of their time outdoors.

S: But it's like walking around in a fur coat indoors!!!

K: That's why Mommakitty keeps the ceiling fan on for us, keeps the blinds down so we have shade, and always has water in our bowl. Did you know that just a 15% loss of water is enough to kill a cat?

S: I got to lick some ice cubes today. . . then I got one stuck under the refrigerator!

K: How did you . . . nevermind. Anyways, here's a great link to Kitty Cat Kiosk where you'll find lots of good info about keeping cool and also how to spot the signs of heat stroke in cats.

The formula for water is H2O.
Is the formula for an ice cube H2O squared?
Lily Tomlin


araceli fica said...

Sorry, I dont write a better english. I m Chile, I speake Spanish.

Congratulations. Your blog is beautiful and practice. I love cats too. I have two, Mona, the mother, and Mono, its son, my babycat. They are 6 and five years. They are Birmans. And they are beautiful too.

Bye. And very luck.

Hot(M)BC said...

That's why Mommy and Grandma let our outside sisfur Gree an our outside brofur Pepi come in the sunroom when it's real hot. Then they can nap alllllll day long in the air condytionying and they gots lotsa water and food out in the sunroom too. An toys! Mommy and Grandma are nice. :)
~~ Sanjee