Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey . . . What's Going On Here?

Hey Kimo . . . why do beans call it Turkey Day?

K: 'Cause it's the day they eat turkey. It's a big bird . . . you know how cats like birds!

S: Yea . . . but check this out . . . here's picture of a turkey . . . he's not very tasty looking (actually quite ugly, even scary).

K: OMG! . . . he's hangin' out with vishus deer! Hmmm . . . wonder what they're talking about . . . ?

S: I wonder if it's a Thanksgiving conspiracy in the making . . . what do you think?


Latte said...

That is very scary! Mewomy is taking our horse to a "Turkey Trot" on Sunday and I really hope she doesn't see any of those things!

Hot(M)BC said...

Looks like a conspeerasee to me!!!
I dunno if I wanna eat turkey no more. Wait, I only eat crunchies. I's safe. Dunno bout Mini tho, she'll eat anyfing.

Gemini said...

VISHOUS DEER! EEK. What a scary photo...

Karen Jo said...

Maybe the turkeys are trying to get the vishus deer to protect them from the hungry humans.

Anonymous said...

That's *scary!!!

I just came over to tell you that I do have more than just a tail! But you knew that, you jokesters!

Victor Tabbycat said...

OHOOHHOH! They's conspiring against us! Turkey day an huntin season are this week; maybe they's lookin fur somewhere to hide.

Anonymous said...

Hello gorgeous kitties!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm putting up a link to your great cat blog now!!!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

scary, scary, scary. Where mommy used to live, there were wild turkeys who scratched up cars and bent telephone wires (this is in the middle of the suburbs)and left icky "presents" all over.
The animal people relocated them to a farm type sanctuary.
Now that them and the vishus deer are collaborating, no kitties are safe!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, efurrybody ... I can take 'em! I'll kick the "stuffin'" outta that turkey and you all know how I am with the vishus deer. Have no fear!
DaisyMae Maus

Anonymous said...

Hay we got a vishous tucky in are back yard doing the trucky trot we have to post picuters.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I'm gonna have nitemares all nite over this... and the werst part is that we have VISHUS TURKEYS in the forest ware I live! I've seen and herd them!