Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Snuggles Project
& Knitting For Peace

Speaking of peace lately . . . here's something some of your beans can do to help kitties and other animals in homeless shelters. It's called The Snuggles Project. People knit, crochet, and sew security blankets for shelter animals. Doesn't this kitty look snuggly?!

Mommakitty knits us toys and blankies! Every shelter animal deserves a nice warm security blankie! This is a picture of me with my favorite blankie. It's furry warm and I like to wrap myself in it - it definitely makes me feel safe (I don't like to share it with Kimo though - it's MINE!)

Here's an excerpt from The Snuggles Project web page;

"The Snuggles Project was founded . . . to do something for the innocent victims who find themselves in animal shelters without a bit of comfort to call their own . . . The security blankets are called "Snuggles." Each animal would get a Snuggle to cuddle up with to feel warmth and comfort. Most shelter animals are kept in areas with stainless steel braces and hard plastic flooring or even bare concrete floors. The Snuggles would allow them to have a little reprieve from the coldness of the pen they are kept in. Snuggles not only give physical comfort but psychological comfort as well."

S: Mommakitty learned about The Snuggles Project in a book called Knitting For Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time. Here's what the book looks like - and there's lots of other great projects for wonderful causes.

(click on image for link to

K: So for those of you who may be looking for a alternative gift giving idea, think about creating one! P.S. - some animal shelters even accept clean used towels for blankies. Or maybe your beans have an older blanket or bathrobe they could cut up, sew the edges, and make into small animal-size blankies.

S: Mommakitty is also currently knitting scarves for orphans - a project called One Red Scarf. If you want to learn more about it, go to her bloggie. You can find the linky in the sidebar.

Giving is the lifeblood of happy living.
Todd Parrish


Derby said...

Hmmm, mum does this kind of stuff. I will need to alert her to this. She has made stuff for Project Linus, blankies for kids in hospitals.

Gemini said...

Oh Momma is sad that she doesn't have more time to actually crochet something. It is a really good cause.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

My mommy just learned to crochet at Michaels' Arts and Crafts. Now she can put that knowledge to good use! Thanks for letting us know about this.

Junior said...

I will pass this on to Meowm and see if she will make some kind of blankies for the shelter kitties!

Sophia said...

DKM is making blankets for snugglea as part of Secret Paws this year! It's charity option #3.

(3) Donate yarn, a gift card to Michael’s, JoAnne Fabrics, or Wal-mart, or make a PayPal donation and DKM will make blankets for our charities (via Snuggles). A $10 gift card makes 3 cat blankets or one dog blanket. Our address for sending yarn or gift cards is:

PO Box 1621
Benicia CA 94510

Patches & Mittens said...

Momma made 20 of those blankets for the shelter here, a few years ago. She used up tons of extra yarn she had.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Mom knows someone who sews mittens and caps for homeless and low income kids from scraps an fleece(?). Mom nefur really learned to knit or crow-shay an only sews a little. It's great yur mom's doin this.

Rascal said...

What a great idea. My Mom knits all the time too. I think she would like to know about this project.

Anonymous said...

My mom says nobody would want anything she knitted or crocheted, because she has no idea how to do either of those things!!! But what a nice idea!

Kung Fu Kitty said...

My fellow feline friends and meow to you all,

This is such a tremendous and purrrrfect idea for all our fellow feline comrades whom have yet to be sheltered.

I shall urge my mamma to take more note of the goodness in her heart and then put on my sad face and make sure she helps out.

Anonymous said...

My mom has been making blankets for years for the Snuggles project! She told me it's lots of fun to take all of the Snuggles to the local shelter and that the kitties love them (she's a real cat person - we have 4)! She once got some really nice photos from the shelter of some baby kittens with their Snuggles... the shelter was sending each kitten's Snuggle home with them when they were adopted!

She says it's a great way to use up all of those little balls of yarn that otherwise just sit around after making other projects.