Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday Toes-day

Sabi: These are MY toes!

Front Toes

Back Toes


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful Toesday!

Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

Cute toesies!


Anonymous said...

your little feet are so pink and white, I wish mine were that pretty. Faz

DEBRA said...

Koot toesies!!


Anonymous said...

Jojo and Butterscotch (Kimo & Sabi's cousins) from Michigan's west coast have begged to be introduced on this "cat's meow" of a website. So without further ado, two limericks I leave with you.

We have a round cat named Jojo
Who's mentally thin and slow-slow,
He eats many meals
With gusto and zeal
And he purrs like a motorized yo-yo.

I'm a butterscotch tabby named Buddy,
I sleep on the books in the study,
I'm a hunter who's tough,
I am handsome and buff,
And I turn every heart into putty.

Badness and Co. said...

What sweet toesies!

Thank you for visiting our blog!

We do wonder why your furparents want a blurpy thing but our Mother wishes them the best of luck finding the perfect blurpy thing.

Anonymous said...

All of your toes are pink! We don't have many pink toes around here. I have a few...but I also have black ones too.


Anonymous said...

To cute

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

purrrrrty pawsies!!!

William said...


DK said...

Very cute little pink toe pads