Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday Wish List . . .

K: Mommakitty and Daddykitty told us to start putting together our wish list. Now, in our house, we often get little gifts from Sandy Paws on Christmas Day, like nip and small toys. But the big $ items come AFTER Christmas.

S: Mommakitty and Daddykitty LOVE to go shopping AFTER Christmas, when all the great sales are happening! They like to get the most "bang for their buck" (which has nothing to do with vishus deer).

K: So here's some of our big $ items - sometimes we think a little outside the budget, but ya never know until ya ask!

Click on product name or images to be directed to product

Sisal scratch mat infused with nip! $15.99

A cool photo each month - need we say more? $20.01

This is a comfortable outdoor cat enclosure
in which your indoor feline or other small pet
may safely enjoy fresh air and sunshine! $74.95

60 lb. Capacity (blue) $172.99
(variety of sizes, colors and price ranges)

Unique designer cat furniture.
(Tell your beans it's fine art sculpture!)
Lotus $294.99 - Little Lotus $269.99

JULIE NEWMAR . . . Priceless!



Anonymous said...

Wow, the Lotus looks nice, so does the stroller!! I saw one of those net playpens once and I tried to get mum to get one for my giant rabbit Georgie, but mum said Georgie will chew through it. He weighs 20 lbs you know..

Hey make sure you delete that Justin guy and don't click on his links ok, he is a spammer and messes up computers.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Dat am an awesome list. We really likes the lotus trees since we don't haf any climbing stuff like dat around here.

Anonymous said...

We have one of those scratch mats and they're great!

Anonymous said...

We are definitely asking for the scratch mat!

China Cat & Willow

Anonymous said...

That is a really wonderful list and I think you guys should get at least 2 things, one for each of you!


Anonymous said...

Oh those cat trees look like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Boy, that feline funhouse looks... fun!

Anonymous said...

Cool list! Those cat trees look amazing, and the scratch-o-rama looks like fun! I hope some of your Christmas wishes come true!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Nice list! I love it.
Guess what! I haf a scratch-o-rama! It really is fun. I posted a picture on my bloggy for you to seee!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Thanks for the plug for the kalinder! It's priced at $20.01 so that anywun can take advantaje of the CafePress coopon for $5 off any purchase over $20, wich is good thru 12/22. Enter promotion code CAMERADATED at checkowt.

Anonymous said...

That Catwoman is one spicy vixin!

Riley & Tiki said...

We have that exact stroller and it is awesome! We both fit in it and can take walks with our woofie.

Anonymous said...

nice list - you two sure know how to shop!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

How can I start a wish list? Can cats make on on

Anonymous said...

Thoze Lotus Cat Trees wood be reeely grate if they came with an ejekshun seet on top that wood propell yer pesty wite rat baby bruther over to sumwun else's howse! hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Very nice lists! We never even thoughta the Skeezix calendar! Oh, Mom that Lives Here....

Nice to meet you by the way! We gonna add you to our blogroll!


Beau said...

OOOH...I would love to have the fun house!! I hope you get everything you asked for!!

Anita said...

Muhahahaha! I hope taht Santa Claus brings all these presents!

Anonymous said...

Jo-Jo and Buddy from Rockford want to send some purrful prayers to Kimo and Sabi and their Mommakitty. They have heard stories about Granpakitty and from all they heard he was truly the "cat's meow" and a man for all cats. Here comes Jo-Jo now: Speak up Jo-Jo--don't be sly I mean shy....
"Dear Kimo and Sabi, please sit on Mommakitty's lap a lot today and make her feel warm and loved. It must be a hard day for her so purr loudly, Okay? Buddy feels shy today (the cat's got his tongue)but he, too, sends soft, furry love to you guys and to Momma Kitty. He wishes he could have given one of his nine lives to Grandpakitty. Love and hugs from our family here as well--Meow, Jo-jo.