Monday, March 15, 2010

Time for GREEN!
Product Review and Drawing

It's almost St. Patrick's Day . . . and we're going GREEN with a product review and drawing!

Kimo: Ahhhh . . . There's nothin' like a good game of "blankie wars" on a nice clean floor!

Sabi: But, our floor is not always this clean - especially wif a Blurp around. So, when we gots an opportunity to do a product review fer some cleanin' products, we said HECK YEAH!

Kimo: Here's our review of some products by the folks at Clean & Green. And, at the end of the review, we'll let you know how you might git some of this stuff fer FREE!!!

Sabi: As the website states, Clean & Green is an non-toxic, eco-friendly, aerosol pet odor remover and pet stain remover made from organic and biodegradable ingredients, and packaged so you can recycle the container. They offer a line of cleaning supplies fer carpet, wood & tile floors, that will clean up a host of animal smells and messies (including skunk odor removal).

Kimo: We were supplied these 2 products to test out:
1) Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover
2) Litter Box Odor Eliminator & Cleaner

Sabi: While we have PLENTY of messies to deal wif on a daily basis, I personally contributed some yack to test out the carpet cleaner. Here are the before and after shots:



Kimo: We were impressed. The carpet cleaner worked really well and we even tried it out on some stains contributed by Daddykitty (ie: drink spill spots, dirt tracked in from shoes) and the Blurp (ie: old projectile stains, food dropping stains, milk spills). The Blurp even gave a special contribution by tinkling on the carpet while she wuz runnin' around nekid after her bath time. The carpet cleaner cleaned up ALL these stains well, and we couldn't smell any ickyness or toxic smells afterwards!

Sabi: Next , we cleaned up da litter boyz box (and you know how messy us boyz can be). Again, the odor was completely gone. So, we would gladly endorse these 2 specific products.

Kimo: To learn more about Clean & Grean products, visit their website at

Sabi: Now, for some more great news - you can enter our drawing for some FREE Clean & Green products! Here's what to do:

1) Leave a comment saying you want to enter the drawing
2) One entry per household (must live in continental USA)
3) Open to any pets with blogs or websites
4) The winner of the drawing will need to be willing to email us with mailing address and phone number (for shipping purposes, P.O. boxes OK), which we will pass on to Clean & Green, so be sure we have a link or way to get a hold of you.
5) Make sure you check out the Clean & Green website, because you will be able to select 6 (six) products, which will be shipped directly to you from Clean & Green.
6) All entrants (or household) names will be written on slips of paper and the Blurp will draw the winner (we will try to capture on video).
7) Begin leaving comments at anytime, but the last comment accepted will be at 11:59pm (PST) on St. Patrick's Day, 3/17/10.
8) Winner of the drawing will be posted on Thursday, 3/18/10 at 9:00am (PST).


ML said...

These products sound like a dream come true. Win or not, I will check them out... I have severe chemical allergies and am very limited in what I can use to clean. Very impressive on the familiar carpet stains.
How nice of all your family members to make their own contributions to this research.
Thanks for having this great green contest...
ML and the Sherwood Kitties (all six of them)

Sweet Praline said...

I am definitely interested in the drawing. I have a lot of spots on my carpet from hairballs and mom can't get them clean.

Marg said...

Boy do we need this product. We make a huge mess in our house with all the toss ups and dirt from all over. And if we don't win, we might have to save our pennies and buy some. So please put us down for the drawing. Hope you have a good week.

The Meezers and Billy said...

we needs this too! Miles yaks all ofur efurryfing!

Angel and Kirby said...

THese products look really good to the environment and for kitties. We are interested in the drawing

Jan's Funny Farm said...

So nice to see a new post. Hope all is well with you.

We have tried this product and we really liked it too. Well, actually we didn't care one way or another. We don't clean up after us, but Jan does and she said it's good stuff.

The Island Cats said...

We tried the carpet cleaner and it worked really good! And no perfumey smell!! We would like to try the litterbox odor eliminator, so please enter us in the contest!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We'd like to enter da drawing! Mom is a clean freak and uses lots of home made cleaning stuff dat, while being non toxic, stinks and don't really get rid of da smelly stuff from aksidents on da carpet!

Mungo N Teazer (and the Firecat too!!!) said...

Boy, our mommy shore needs da carpet cleener stuff. Kin we be in da drawing too?

Mungo n Teazer (n da Firebutt)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I love your green blanket! And what a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Ayla and Iza, said...

Good Green blankie wars! MOL!

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Cool!! When Clemmie first came to live with us she yakked all over!! So we would like to enter the contest, too!! Love your blanket and the cool picture of you two!!
Your TX furiends,

Peggy's Place said...

We have 4 out of 6 furkids that yak up all the time. And we aim for the carpet, not the tile :p So mom wants to enter the drawing too.

Forty Paws said...

Oh yes! We need cleaning products from our aksidents. We would luf to be entered in yur contest.

Luf, Us

momsbusy said...

we wants to be in da drawing! moms says pukey stains are da worst.

kazoku neko

jenianddean said...

Oh those products looks very interesting! We'd love to be in the drawing. There's always a spot somewhere that got missed. Thanks for the review. We'll have to keep an eye out for these.
--Jasper McKitten-Cat

The Crew said...

Hey guys, good to have you back!

We tried and rated those products too, and Mom loves the cat litter deodorizer. Of course WE don't know what she's talking about since WE don't create any smells! She said it even works around the human litterobox area and where they put their smelly clothes!

Keiko and Luna T. Katt said...

We would like to enter the drawing! Our Hooman said is ok if we give you our purrrsonal infos in an email =^_^= des products look pawsome!!

Junior and Orion said...

Wow! Look at that difference! We better enter!!

Mr. Grumpster Wilfred III said...

i would love to enter the drawing! i have been wanting to try clean & green's products out for some time now!!

oh and hello, i dont believe we have met. i am Wilfred, come visit me sometime!

ladcraig said...

As a cat owner, I would love to try this product.

Ladcraig @ gmail dot com

kanishk said...

I am definitely interested in the drawing. I have a lot of spots on my carpet from hairballs and mom can't get them clean.
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