Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Woofie Wednesday

Kimo: Here is our blurpy sisser hangin' wif our woofie cousin Rascals.

Sabi: He is da patriarch weener dog of da woofie fambly in Bakersfield.

Kimo: I finks da blurp is furry serious about being GENTLE wif da woofie, especially since he is a geezer. 

Sabi: Either that, or she is telling him, "no more slobbery woofie smoochies." Rascals likes to lick her face all over and she does not care fer it much.

Kimo: Well, . . . has you ever smelled geezer woofie bref? P.U.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday


Mommakitty: What Sabi?

Sabi: There is stuff under da kitchen island. Pleeze help me git it wif this yardstick.

Sabi: That's it?! Try again.

Sabi: THAT'S da ticket! It's like Christmas all over again!

Sabi: Look - my favorite red shmousie! I knew he wuz hiding under there.

Mommakitty: Looks more like he went there to die.

Sabi: He is NOT dead. He is just a little . . . frazzled.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Meezer Monday Memories

It wuz almost exactly one year ago today that da little blurp came home to live wif us. This is da furst photo of me and her hangin' out in front of da fireplace. Ahhh . . . whut great memories.

(click to biggify)

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good News & Bad News

Kimo: It has been an interesting weekend. One of great joy, but also sadness.

Sabi: Our buddy Jeter Harris has returned! This made us furry happy and is a time of great joy!

Kimo: We also learned this weekend that our buddy Icon Baxter Bentley (below) crossed over da Rainbow Bridge. 

Sabi: We are furry sad to hear this news.

Kimo: To da fambly of I.B.B., we are furry sorry fer yer loss.

Sab: To da fambly of Jeter, we are furry joyful about da return of da Jete - PLEEEEZE keep in inside fer da winter.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We hope you all have a safe, 
warm, wonderful holiday season!

P.S. - da beans is a little behinds (well, a lot) on sendin' out da holiday cards, so don't give up hope.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Meezer Movie Monday

Daddykitty and I gotted into da holiday spirit! Can you hear da holiday muzak in da background? You might even hear da blurp joining in. We had some great fun!

Da beans is gonna spend da holiday wif da woofie fambly . . . that means we gots to spend time wif da cat sitter. Oh well. Mommakitty says we will have some holiday cheer just fer me and Sabi when they git home. Actually, it will be nice to git some peace and quiet.

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P.S. Pleeze continue to keep Jeter Harris in yer purrayers so's he keeps comin' to his house fer food - we hopes he will come inside fer da holidays.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vishus Deer Alert!

Mommakitty took these photos at da Macy's store in San Francisco (Union Square). This is alarming! 

These deers are flying throo da store looking fer kitties!

This deer is trying to camoflage as a pretty decoration!

This deer is pretending to be . . .  we don't know whut he's pretending to be, but he's vishus!

Be on da alert!

Da Jeter came home this morning . . . well, not actually HOME. He came out of da snowy werld to eat some foods his momma put out fer him, but he didn't want to go back home. You can read da full update at his bloggie. Pleeze continue to purray fer him to COME TO HIS FURRY SENSES and git in da warm house!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day After . . .

I finally went to do V-E-T yesterday. I'm not quite sure how I gotted there though. Da last thing I remember wuz Mommakitty givin' me a "majik teleporting pill" and then I felt fuzzy in da head and my legs felt like jello. I fink I even slept in da car (and I HATE da car) - it's all a blur.

Anyhoo, I am furry healthy wif nice teefs and da V-E-T called me handsome . . . supposedly I gotted 2 shots. Mommakitty wuz furry happy when we gotted home and she gave me treats and butt skootches and I spent da rest of da afternoon doin' . . . nuttin. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fashion Friday

Here is our blurpy sisser on her furst purrthday (12/13). This wuz whut we gotted her fir a pressie - kitteh slippers! Furry fashionable, eh?!

(She is checking out da spot 13 on da slipper)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonderin' on Wednesday . . .

Whose feetsy prints are these? They are all over our back deck and they go to da fountain and back to da hill.

As you can see, it is frosty on da deck. Whutever that critter is, it must be cold!

On a warm note . . . our friend Jeter Harris came back inside his house last night. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Mommakitty has been training da little blurp to be G-E-N-T-L-E. Here is an example of da blurp being gentle. She is doin' a good job. 

Da blurp and me is buds. Notice, I do NOT wiggle my tail in her face like SOME cats I know (see Monday's post).

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Meezer Monday

Now that my blurpy sisser is ONE year old, she thinks she can do ANYTHING!

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Purrthday Kiera!

Kimo: Do you remember this little blurp? It's our sisser Kiera when she wuz borned one year ago! Today is her furst purrthday!!!

Sabi: Remember this photo (below)? It's when she furst came to our home and our power wuz out fer a week, so we all curled up in our kitty (or kiddie) cups by da fire to keep warm.

Mommakitty: We had an early celebration with relatives. But TODAY is her real first birththday. She will officially be ONE YEAR OLD at 7:13 pm.

Kimo: WOWY WOW! Time flies! Here she is posing fer her holiday card (yesterday). She is such a big gurl now. 

Sabi: Da beans is gonna take her out to lunch today to celebrate. But we wanted to celebrate wif all our blogging buddies - so grab a cupcake and sing along . . .

Happy Purrthday Dear Kiera, 
Happy Purrthday To You!

To see more photos of Kiera's day of birth, and days following, click HERE. When you get to the site, then you can scroll down to December 13, 2007 and start from her birth!

P.S. Scroll down to previous post to see da winners of da Check-hen Soup book drawing.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Chick-hen Soup Book Winners . . .

Kimo: Furst, we put all da names in this cute Santa Mug.

Sabi: Then, our blurpy sisser Kiera picked out da names.

Kimo: And da winners are . . .

Sabi: Please email us wif yer mailing address so's we can git da books in da mail (hopefully in time fer da holiday).

Kimo: Fanks to everyone who played along. We hope in da new year we will have more fun drawings of more good stuff!

Book Drawing . . .

Kimo: We knows we told you that we would announce da winner of da book drawing by noon, but Mommakitty said it will be later in da day - more like after 3:00pm sometime.

Sabi: It's cuz da beans is runnin' around trying to git some things done in da morning, . . . like Christmas photos wif da blurp, gittin' our Secret Paws pressie in da mail, and some shopping fer da blurp's Purrthday (which is tomorrow!).

Kimo: So, fanks fer yer patience . . . check back later in da day.

Sabi: As Tripper would say - Pleeze and Thank You.

Monday, December 08, 2008

ANOTHER Book Giveaway!

Kimo: Today we gots a NEW book to give away. Actually FOUR (4) copies of da book!

Sabi: We don't haves a regular review fer this book cuz there's SOOOOO many cool (actually heartwarming) stories. This is what da back cover says:

"This new book from Chicken Soup for the Soul contains the 101 best cat stories from the company's extensive library. Readers will revel in the heartwarming, amusing, inspirational, and occasionally tearful stories about our best friends and faithful companions - our cats. See your own cats with a new eye through these true stories in which cats: heal people or other pets, save lives, rejuvinate friendships, give new meaning to lives, save family relationships."

Kimo: So, you know da drill . . . leave a comment telling us you wants to be in da drawing. We will close da comments on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 11:59 pm PST. Our blurpy sisser will draw da names on Friday morning, and we will announce da winners by noon on Friday, Dec. 12.

Sabi: This drawing is open to all pet bloggers, Catster's & Dogster's - from anywhere in da werld. Winners should be prepared to email us yer snail mail addresses (we will be mailing da books to you ourselves).

Kimo: Don't fergit to leave yer name and link to yer blog, etc. so we get ahold of you if you win. One entry per household.

P.S. - Scroll down to previous post to see da winners of da Dewey book.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

And Da Winners Are . . .

Kimo: Our blurpy sisser gotted up at 7:04 am cuz she wuz so excited to draw da names fer da Dewey book.

Sabi: Unfortunately, we coudn't git da video to upload of her drawing da names like we has before. So you is gonna have to trust us that she drawed da names.

Kimo: And da winners who will git a free copy of da book are . . .


- Beezer Song blog

Chen & Ollie
- Miss Peach's Meowz blog


Sabi: Concatulations! Please email us wif yer snail mail address so we can git da book to you as soon as possible. (Our email link is in da sidebar under our profile).

Kimo: And don't fergit . . . starting Monday, we will be doing ANOTHER book review and drawing fer 4 free copies of da book . . .

Sabi: Everone can enter AGAIN! Come back Monday!

P.S. - Miss Peach wrote, "If I do win, I would share the book with any kitty who wants it after me. A kind pay it is a good thing!"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And a book review!

(Scroll down fer book drawing roolz - but you should really read da review)

Dewey Readmore Books. That’s his full name – da famous library cat from Spencer, Iowa. He wuz a furry handsome floofy ginger dood. That is who this book is about. This is a TRUE story, and that’s whut makes it SO special. It is written by da nice lady who found Dewey in da return book drop box at da library. Can you believe that?! Some doofus put a cute fur baby in da book drop box on a furry cold winter night – but luckily he was saved by da library lady . . . AND da whole town!

This story began in da late ‘80’s when da economy in Spencer, Iowa (and most farm communities) was in da litterbox, but Dewey’s purrsonality brought life back to da town and brought inspiration, hope, and love back into da lives of da peoples of da town. Peoples started coming from all over da werld to visit Dewey at da Spencer library. Dewey ruled da library fer 19 years! He liked all kinds of peoples – from old to blurpy.

This wuz Dewey’s job description at da library (excerpt from da book):
- Reducing stress for all humans who pay attention to him.
- Sitting by the front door every morning at 9:00 am to greet the public as they enter the library.
- Sampling all boxes that enter the library for security problems and comfort level.
- Attending all meetings in the Round Room as official library ambassador.
- Providing comic relief for staff and visitors whenever possible.
- Climbing in book bags and briefcases while patrons are studying or trying to retrieve needed papers underneath him.
- Generating free national and world-wide publicity for Spencer Public Library. (This entails sitting still for photographs, smiling for the camera, and generally being cute.)
- Working toward status as world's most finicky cat by refusing all but the most expensive, delectable foods---and even turning up his nose at those most of the time.

He hadded his own heated kitty cup and he snoopervised da library staff by riding on da book cart to make sure they put da books back in da right spot. He wus furry punctual and always greeted da library director wif a wave in da morning. He would curl up on da lap of a little blurp during story time. He even hadded a wild adventure out of doors – then he realized he hadded a pretty good gig at da library.

Once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down – or in our case, we gotted it on audio CD and we hadded to make excuses fer Mommakitty to drive us around town so we could finish it! Anyhoo . . .

You can learn more about Dewey HERE
Or become a fan on his FaceBook page
Or join da Dewey Lookalike contest on Flickr

AND da best part . . . you can git a chance to have yer furry own FREE copy! Da nice lady at da publishing company offered us 5 copies to give away! So here’s whut you gotta do –

- You need to have a pet blog or Catster / Dogster page to enter
- Write something in da comments on this bloggie like, “I NEED this book!” 
- Leave yer name and a linky to yer blog, etc. so’s we can git a hold of you if you win
- One entry per household
- Be prepared to give us yer mailing address so we can git da book to you
- Comments will close on Saturday night, Dec. 6, 11:59pm, PST.
- Names will be drawn by our blurpy sisser Kiera (who is a pro at this).
- Winners will be announced Sunday, Dec. 7, 8:00am PST

Good luck! And if you don’t win – don’t whine. It’s werth da green papers.

P.S. - AND remember, . . . we will be havin' another book review a drawing (fer a different book) in another week!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Kimo: Do you know the story about this cat?

Sabi: Well, you should! And to introduce you to his story, we're gonna have a contest (well, more like a drawing).

Kimo: Come back tomorrow, read our book review, and enter da drawing fer a free copy of da book.

Sabi: Just in time fer da holidays!

P.S. - we're gonna have another drawing in a week fer a different book too! Could da holidays git any better?!